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Object: Torii
Description: Miniature version of the gates found marking the entrance at all Shinto shrines. This tiny version is made for shrines in private homes. The Torii is thought to represent the gate on which
Comments: Made of laquered wood.
Maker: -
Age: 1980's
Size: 30cm tall
Object: Mamori - Frog talisman
Description: Mamori are talisman sold at shrines for protection or healing. Frog talisman are sold at many shrines but this one comes from the shrine in Ise called Futamigaura which has many frog statues of all sizes.
Comments: Made of porcelain.
Maker: -
Age: 1980
Size: 1.5cm
Object: Ema - Wooden tablet
Description: These tablets are sold at shrines for people to write their hopes and wishes on. These are hung up in special shelters for this purpose, at the shrine in the hope that the wish will come true.
Comments: Wood with painted frog.
Maker: -
Age: 1982
Size: 6cm
Object: Ryu - Dragon talisman
Description: Talisman representing a huge painted dragon on the ceiling of a temple in Kyoto.
Comments: Gilded plastic
Maker: -
Age: 1993
Size: 8cm
Object: Mikoshi - Palanquin
Description: This model represents a portable shrine which is carried through the streets by Shinto followers during festivals. They are supposed to house the Kami or god of the shrine during the festival.
Comments: Plastic construction kit. The real Mikoshi are often much bigger than a man and are made of wood and metals.
Maker: -
Age: 1982
Size: 20 cm long

Object: Hoin - Paper stamped with the temple or shrine seal
Description: These are purchased at most temples and shrines as proof that one has made a visit or pilgrimage to the temple or shrine. It is more a Buddhist tradition than Shinto but often found for sale at Shinto shrines within Buddhist temple precincts. These are burned with the body of the worshiper at their funeral to show their pious life. The calligraphy is usually hand written by the shrine official and states the name of the temple or shrine and the date.
Comments: Paper and ink with vermilion stamp.
Maker: -
Age: 1990's
Size: 20x15 cm

Object: Mamori
Description: Various charms and talisman bought at shrines and temples in Japan.
Comments: Made from wood, metal, paper or plastic
Maker: -
Age: 1990's
Size: about 7 cm

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