The following pages display coins of the Roman period between the Imperatorial period, the first Emperor Augustus and through to the 'Byzantine' Emperor  Justin II in the 6th century. I have also included  Republican coin examples I have, to show the pre-imperial era.

I have collected many objects over the years but resisted collecting Roman coins, despite their obvious attractiveness, as I new it would become an obsession.

It did!

I first saw some coins of Constantine I for sale in London at 3. Eventually I bought one and I was hooked! Many of the coins have been purchased at less than 5, although some were considerably more! I have now got examples of about 86 Emperors plus some extras (see the section on Probus).

My objective is to obtain representative portraits, through coins, of all of the Emperors, although this is likely to be impossible due to cost and rarity of some.

The Roman coin section is part of the long term objective  to display all of my collections in a 'Virtual Museum'. I have long had the desire to display them all so that at least I can see them instead of them being hidden away, but I neither have the finances or space to do so. The Internet may allow me to do this and also share the display with others who may be interested.

I hope you like the images on display here.