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Object: Browning m1910 (Belgium) Cal 9 mm
Description: Perhaps the first of the "modern" self loading pistols developed by FN of Belgium in 1910. This had a recoil spring that fitted around the outside of the barrel and within the slide.
Comments: A plastic, gas operated "airsoft replica" gun
Maker: Marushin (Japan)
Age: Model -1990's
Size: 15.2 cm

Object: Colt 1911A1. (USA) Cal .45"
Description: The A1 was a slightly modified version developed in 1921 and adopted by the U.S. army during WW2. It is still in use today.
Comments: A plastic cap-firing construction kit with blowback action.
Maker: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Age: Model -1980's
Size: 21.6 cm

Object: Beretta model 1934 (Italy) Cal. 9mm
Description:  A development of the 1915 model, this fired a short 9mm round. Beretta have been producing guns for over 300 years.
Comments: Metal replica
Maker: RMI (Japan)
Age: Model - late1970's
Size: 15.2 cm

Object: Walther P38 (Germany) Cal. 9 mm
Description: As a simpler constructed gun than the Luger, this weapon was adopted by the German Military during WW2.
Comments: Metal replica gun with "blowback action" that loads and ejects replica bullets
Maker: MGC (Japan)
Age: Model - 1970's
Size: 21.3 cm

Object: "Broomhandle" Mauser 1898 (Germany) Cal 7.63 mm
Description: Used extensively during the South African War of 1899-1902. It was difficult to load and really needed an attached shoulder stock (which doubled as a holster made of wood) to be fired accurately. It was an early example of a self loading pistol.
Comments: Plastic kit
Maker: L&S (Japan)
Age: 1980's
Size: 29.8 cm

Object: "Broomhandle" Mauser 1912 (Germany) Cal 9 mm
Description: Differing very little from the original 1898 model except it was modified to take a 9 mm cartridge. It was distinguished from the earlier  model by the large figure 9 cut into the handle. Frequently used during WW1.
Comments: Metal  replica
Maker: MGC Japan
Age: 1970's
Size: 29.8 cm

Object: "Broomhandle" Mauser 1932 (Germany) Cal 7.63 mm
Description: A variant that was fitted with a 10 or 20 round magazine and could be used as a machine pistol. However once hot from firing in this mode, could accidentally fire off a round due the round being "cooked" in the chamber. It was thus not too successful
Comments: Plastic replica
Maker: Tokyo-Marui (Japan)
Age: 1980's
Size: 29.8 cm

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