Background to this site.

As a collector of all sorts of things since childhood, I decided I would like to create a museum to display my collection. Not having a lot of physical space, I realised that a virtual museum would allow me to create such a museum using only web space.

The site contains photographs of items in my collection.

The collection contains items from Roman times through to the 21st century.  While most of them are original, some are replicas and some modern products. 

As a working person, I have always collected on a shoe string. In my view, modern replicas have a valid place in such a collection, particularly where an original item would have cost more than the whole of the rest of the collection put together or be impossible to obtain!

Many of the replicas are modern works of art or craft in their own right, some constructed using original techniques, others using modern techniques or materials such as resin. These may not be to every ones taste, but as part of my collection, I include them.

Finally, the site is under heavy construction and will be added to continuously.  I hope you find something to interest you here.

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